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Malte Knapp - Från Bjurholm till Las Vegas






From Bjurholm to Las Vegas

Malte Knapp was born and raised in Sweden's smallest town, Bjurholm.

Just like most kids, he was a curious boy. Then one day, when Malte was nine years old, a circus came to his little town.
And when he for the first time experinced the smell of popcorn and sawdust, the live music, and the self-confident and charismatic stage performers, there was no turning back. He was going to become a stage performer and nothing would stand in his way.

At the age of thirteen he won his first talent show and only two years later he was performing professionally in a Swedish circus.

Today, Malte Knapp has probably one of the most spectacular stage shows in the world. It has made him a sought-after performer on popular stages all over the world.
From Las Vegas to Tokyo, from royal families to cruise ships. Many are the places and stages that have wished to experience Malte's fantastic performance.

  Malte i Las Vegas 2009